Wilmington’s Annual Festivals

“Life is truly a celebration here in Cape Fear Country with a party honoring just about every facet – a church, a flower, a house, a tree, a river and a fish – just to name a few. And we don’t just party alone – every year we share our fun and enjoyment of life with thousands of visitors and hosts of celebrities.”

Wilmington, N.C.
A Guide to Cape Fear Leisure

Those were true words in 1983 when the first issue of this book was published, and they are true words today. We love a good party. While some of the celebrations held 25 years ago aren’t around anymore, several have endured and grown, such as the Azalea Festival, Riverfest and Old Wilmington by Candlelight.

Festivals Abound

The Wilmington area hosts a large number of festivals each year and several of the celebrations have been recognized as outstanding regional or national events. We have festival for music of all types, seafood of several types, flowers and much more. With such an abundance, we have room to highlight only the current major festivals and make mention of some of the rest.