Stroll Through Hollywood East, aka “Wilmywood”

Visitors enjoy seeing the real locations and actual sets where some of Wilmington’s biggest movies were filmed. Iron Man 3, Sleeping with the Enemy, Weekend at Bernie’s and We’re the Millers along with a host of others are among the dozens of movies that were shot on location in Wilmington.

Fans are also interested in seeing where the cast and crew of Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill spent their time. Two television series that are now in their second season are currently filming in Wilmington, Under the Dome and Sleepy Hollow, and are attracting fans too.

The Hollywood Location Walk serves as a tour guide for productions that were filmed here. The crew will share behind the scenes stories involving Hollywood A-Listers who work, vacation and live in Wilmywood. Tickets are available at The Black Cat Shoppe, located on Market between Water and Front Streets.